The best approach for dealing with multiple life limiting beliefs

A reader asked about dealing with multiple limiting beliefs and how quickly to work on ‘repatterning’ different ones.  Here’s the guidance we provided on that question.

“The best approach for dealing with multiple life limiting beliefs is to stay with one for at least a week, doing the Anchor at least once daily (more often if you can) for that four  minutes or so of the Daily Refresher on page 222.  After a week, then address another life limiting belief issue and stay with that for a least a week, and so on.  As you add layers of repatterning, continue a daily refresher for that repatterned code.  That means if you have 3 layers you’d be doing 3 separate Refreshers each day.  After 6 weeks you can then just do the Mini Refesher on page 222.  We hope that gives you some additional guidance.”

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We wish you health and happiness.
Drs. George Pratt and Peter Lambrou