George Pratt, Ph.D. and Peter Lambrou, Ph.D.

with John David Mann

Larry King raves in his foreword to this sensational new book: “Dr. George Pratt is a true modern-day healer, and what he and his colleague Dr. Peter Lambrou have created in the pages you are about to read is a brilliant formula for tapping into our highest potential.”

Larry King is just one of the many celebrities and countless “regular folks” who swear by the simple process for achieving happiness outlined by Pratt and Lambrou in Code To Joy. The authors have developed a systematic 4-step approach to blasting away the roadblocks to success, love, accomplishment, creativity and other sources of joy that result from life’s inevitable traumas.

Readers will learn to root out and replace negative, self-limiting beliefs with empowering ones based on the best elements of cognitive science, the breakthrough findings of neuroscience, and cutting edge methods of energy psychology – then cement these positive beliefs permanently in their psyches and their bodies’ biofield. This flexible “happiness formula” has shown results in business, relationships, sleeplessness, conquering addiction and many other arenas of life where happiness depends on our subconscious belief systems.

As Larry King writes, this is a book that will “change many people’s lives for the better,” as it did his own. Be sure to share it with the people on your list.