Below are the illustrations from our book and some brief captions to help those people who purchased an electronic version where the images may not be viewed easily.



Figure 1 – page 94

This is the posture for Crosshand breathing. When in this posture with fingertips resting over the collarbone, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you breathe in, let your tongue touch the roof of your mouth, just behind your front teeth. As you breathe out, let your tongue rest behind your lower front teeth. Continue breathing in this way, slow, even, and relaxed for two minutes or more.






Figure 2 – page 95

This is the position for conducting neuromuscular feedback. This will be used for checking polarity and for checking the body truth for identifying subconsciously held self-limiting beliefs as described on page 98 and 99 of the book.







Figure 3A and 3 B – page 113

These are the illustrations for checking for biofield polarity. Figure A should test strong and figure B should test weak if the person is properly polarized.











Figure 4A and 4 B – page 115

These are illustrations of a test resulting in ‘Reversed Biofield Polarity’ and notice the position of the palm of the person’s hand over top of their head. Disrupted or disorganized polarity may also yield a weak response on both positions of the hand over top of the head, or a strong response in both palm positions over top of the person’s head.











Figure 5 – page 166

This is the illustration for the Anchoring Hold position, also termed the frontal-occipital hold (F/O Hold) associated with anchoring or securing the shift in thinking, beliefs, and mental images connected with Step 4 of the 4-Step System.






Figure 6 – page 169

These are three common images offered as possible symbols connected with the anchoring of new thoughts and beliefs in Step 4 of the 4-Step System. The heart representing, balance in love and relationships. The dollar sign, represents financial balance and success, as well as a harmonious, successful state of balance in relation to work, career, and personal resources in general. The rod of Asclepius, the traditional symbol of health, symbolizes balance in physiological health and personal strength.