Customer Reviews from Amazon

A rare gem of a book

I don’t tend to write reviews of books, but I feel compelled to write one for this book.
I had the opportunity to watch a video with one of the authors some months prior to purchasing, it really wasn’t anything special, but he (George) had an air about him and I have realised through the years that one can not pretend confidence, and he had it. I have had my series of books of this nature and most are well and fine and I’ve incorporated good techniques and so forth, but none ever hit the heart of me, if you will.
What did it for me in this book was the list of ‘core issues’, prior to even going through the list I heard my subconscious offer up mine and then I looked at the list and was so amazed at the feelings arising that I had to put the book down. Sometimes you are ready to hear what someone has to say and this was the case for me.
Just simply understanding this core issue, applying it to many of the areas of my life has given me permission to see what was needed (by my deeper self, if you will), and is giving me a sense to be decisive in what I yet need and what actually brings me joy.
This is not a small thing, I must say. In all the years I have been through counseling (re-contextualization as I like to put it), or receiving various healing sessions (more than most), none have done what this book has, and for that I am deeply grateful.
My recommendation would be to start at the book slowly, and really get each chapter prior to moving on to the next. There is no magic bullet, and for me, I needed to walk through a bit of what is not joyous prior to setting my mind on what is, if that makes sense.
I will continue to utilize the information in the book and would heartily recommend it to anyone who has the desire for a more joyous life.


Changed my life by removing a 28 year limiting belief

I will remember Sunday 15 Mar 2015 for the rest of my life. It was the day that I went through the 4-step process in the Code to Joy, and uncovered a shameful and humiliating event that happened 28 years ago and has caused me challenges since. I have achieved a level of success, but it has taken a lot more effort than it needed to. After I did the 4-Step process, that is clearly articulated in the book, I describe the shift as feeling like ‘the world bent itself around me’. A fear I have had for years, was suddenly gone. Which has taken the ceiling limitations off my business, and has me excited beyond imagining.

Now I am no stranger to this work. I am a coach, author, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, reiki master, fitness trainer and have read about 500 books on all things personal development. I also have familiarity with the techniques in the book. The real magic with this book is the very clear to do and follow process. So the magic is not in just ‘reading’ the book (which is a great read by the way); the magic happens when you put into ‘action’ the steps in the book. The possibility is profound.

So I have started recommended this book to my clients, my coaches, my followers and anyone else who is willing to do the work on themselves. This book is a fantastic guide and the work these guys have accumulated and articulated is outstanding.

I foresee my investment in this book and the time to do the process to be at least a 10,000% return on investment!

Carl Massy

Thank you for a wonderful system to rediscover our own inner joy

I am really impressed with this book. Yes, there are a lot of stories. I did not find them self-serving but extremely helpful. I read them all.
I have learned all the tools of the 4 step process and taken notes so that I can do them 3 times a day.
In the last few years, although my own life has been pretty smooth and pleasant, I have been plagued with fear for the future of the Earth we live on. This was hiding my joy behind the fog they describe. I used to say that anyone who thinks the world is doing ok right now is an ostrich! Now I can see the value in becoming more ostrich-like, because we attract what we are thinking. I prefer to think now of the positive things that are happening all over the world, people waking up and taking action.
I am grateful to have found the book and the processes are so easy. I’ve done a zillion other things and they were harder and I didn’t keep up with them.

Pam Free

This book is a must-have

Life changing. I did not have the immediate, dramatic results that the examples in the book had. However, I have to say that this technique really helps. The 4 step process, in addition to cognitive behavioral therapy and qiqong has been very beneficial for me. Highly recommend!

Winter Lady

A Must Read

This book is excellent. It guides the reader through a simple, but thorough process to identify life limiting beliefs and their origins. The process of diminishing the power of the life limiting beliefs is simple, comfortable and it works! The next step of replacing the limiting beliefs with positive powerful beliefs is entirely pleasureable. The books simplifies some of the steps of “tapping” and allows for anchoring the new positive beliefs. Review and rephrasing of all the steps occurs several times and many scientific resources are cited to emphasize the tested basis of the process. Anyone can read and understand this book and the process taught within its pages works! A peaceful, powerful, pleasureable life is within reach. Don’t pass up Code to Joy!

E J White

My new favorite technique…

Have been doing EFT for many years, and have read many books on various energy psychology techniques – would say that this one is now what I would recommend to people to use: clearing the negatives -and- instilling the positives. And as with EFT, one learns a lot about oneself by moving through the process multiple times, because more comes up into play as you clear that one bit away… Excellent to do with somebody guiding you -or- on your own.

S. Gordon

Never too late to recover

I started the exercise before the investigation process and felt an immediate lift. In 2 days I read this entire book and started the investigation and began practice immediately to address individual beliefs. The practices are simple and easy to follow. I can lament if only this information was available 40 years ago my life may have been different. But, it’s different now and for that I am grateful.


Excellent Approach backed By Science

This book is very interesting and engaging. It backs up its seemingly metaphysical claims with as much science as it backs up its psychological claims. This is a work that nods to the ancient ideas of the East without getting bogged down in any spiritual lunacy that often creeps up in those areas. It also recognizes the fact that we are energy and recommends thinking of yourself as such, but it never shoves any quackery or nonsense down your throat. In fact, the bulk of the book is an admonition to respect the awesome power of your subconscious. In an interesting twist, it offers a simple way to check if you’re in tune with the subconscious by using neuro-muscular feedback. Quite interesting, as it almost always works!

By respecting the control your subconscious has upon your life, the book takes you through a series of exercises and optional ideas to tune into your hidden self (if you will) and remove those harmful ideas, effects of abuse, etc. that are causing you to be less of a human being than you deserve to be.

This is not a one-time fix. This is not magic. This is reprogramming a brain by addressing the brain correctly. It is definitely a successful approach. It does work. It works astonishingly well for some areas and incrementally well in others. The extent of your problems, abuses, etc. will determine how much you should engage with this process. But the process is easy. It simply requires time, a quiet place, and some repetition.

This is not a rehashing of beliefs in affirmations and visualization, but it is quite similar–only with a very logical and effective approach to utilizing both techniques.

If you want to start on a journey toward happiness and personal truth, erasing all of those harmful ideas the brain has accepted since childhood–or even trauma in adulthood–buy this book. If you were abused, if you suffered PTSD, if you have addictions, if you have self-hate, if you were bullied, if you have unfounded fears, if you have anger issues . . . BUY THIS BOOK.

It teaches you to understand yourself biologically and respect yourself as a person. More importantly, it offers you a way to heal yourself and get more out of life.

Frank Castle

Bestseller in my mind!

What a joy to now know my personal code to finding more of it! Both the case histories and the info about WHY the steps and order of them in their process work, made this a very convincing read. I already feel a sense of lightness and hope around clearing away some foggy bottoms in my life. On my way to more joy! I read the ebook version and now want a hard copy that I can write all over, bend down corners and fill with stickies!

M. Twohig

Taking action to diminish past traumas

A third of the book discusses short stories describing reasons people’s lives have been transformed by going through this four-step process. I’m half way finished with Code to Joy; it’s taking awhile to get to the substance of its practice. But easy to follow and some practical applications for self help for those who want to break negative patterns.

Evelyn Nitzberg

Amazing enlightening book!

This book is the best self help book I have ever read–A true gem and treasure. No mushy woo-woo stuff–just pure wisdom from the source, giving a powerful path to walk down if one is ready to live a life without fear, doubt, guilt, shame, and all the other self limitations that have been imposed on ourselves throughout our life’s journey through the stagnant dark tangled web of trauma…This book shows clearly, easily, and elegantly how to untangle that web and then walk down a path that will lead you to discover and uncover and behold the forgotten bliss of your radiant joyous self–I am very, very impressed–Much gratitude to the authors–Thank You!–Philip M.Berk, author Mountain’s Stillness, River’s Wisdom

Philip M. Berk