Photo Peter Lambrou

Mastery Over Your Emotions

By Peter Lambrou, Ph.D.

This 1-hour video presentation (recorded live) presents Dr. Lambrou providing an overview of toxic emotions, their origins, their resolutions, and the foundations of the Emotional Self-Management (ESM) process to eliminate unwanted or interfering emotional distress and trauma.  Using visual images, photographs, and other demonstrations, Dr. Lambrou shows viewers the concepts, background, and basic scientific principles upon which ESM and Energy Psychology is based.   You’ll find this video a fascinating journey revealing the connection between Quantum Physics, Eastern principles of acupressure, and Western concepts of cognitive psychology integrated to produce a self-healing process.  Viewers will discover the science and theories that underpin much of what occurs in energy medicine, and energy psychology so that they can use those methods more effectively.  This video retails for $39.95.

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